Luckey Bee Rescue and Relocation

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How is Luckey Bee different?


Luckey Bee offers to remove bees from your property safely, and chemical free.

Luckey Bee is partnered with Viking Enterprises to relocate the bees and return them safely to the ecosystem.

Luckey Bee offers a sustainable solution to the bee crisis.





Working Together we CAN make a difference

When you choose Luckey Bee we are working together not only to relocate the bees, but to breed the aggression out of the colony.  We relocate our bees to Viking Enterprises.  While housed on the property the bees are safe from chemical contamination, and bred with a new queen.  The hive will stay on the property until the aggression is bred out of the colony.  Once this goal is met, the hive will be returned to the ecosystem.


 When you choose Luckey Bee you are making a decision to save not only the hive on your property, but generations of bees we so desperately need.  We can work together to offer a real, viable, and safe solution for us, and for our bee friends.



How can you help?

One of the most important things we can do to help the bees in Arizona is to let others know there is another solution besides extermination.  Let your HOA , favorite golf course, friend, or school district know about our services.  The more hives we can relocate and save, the greater impact we can make for the bees and their survival.


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  • Hive Removal
  • Hive Relocation
  • Swarm Removal
  • Bee Removal

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  • Monday thru Friday

      8am to 5pm

  • Service area includes: Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Ahwatukee, Maricopa, Sun Lakes, San Tan Valley, Queen Creek, Scottsdale
  • Emergency Hours Available
  • Out of Service Area Available Upon Request